haunted house || yamanaka ino



Ino had reluctantly agreed to step in that dirty looking place, not because she had any desire to go in there- but because it would be unfair to deny Itachi when he had gone on the roller coaster and the dodgems with her. She held his hand, squeezing it as they got to the front of the queue and Itachi purchased two pairs of tickets.

At least she had a dance with him to look forward to. She should just focus on that… and not the chill that had suddenly fallen over her.

Didn’t a temperature drop indicate the presence of spirits?

No. She was just being silly.

Ino offered Itachi a smile and headed inside creaking, wooden doors.

"Oh haha, look, cobwebs," she pointed out, rolling her eyes. "I told you, this place is just one big farce."

"… Relax, dear," Itachi told her gently.


He scanned the room they were situated in, a quiet curiosity residing in his eyes as he continued to examine every nook and cranny. A lot of work had been placed into this particular attraction- and it clearly showed.

Now, the theme was not one he had an inclination for -it was undoubtedly unsettling-, but he was still able to express some appreciation in the effort placed behind this creation. World building is not easy.

The building was designed to bear resemblance to that of an abandoned asylum- one that had met its end after there was a violent outbreak where the patients tried to break free. (Fake) Dried blood, layers of dust, all “indications” of neglect and violence had been smeared all across the structure. Actors made to look like reanimated corpses would also crawl out of the broken screens of television sets, and cupboards, voices nothing more than inhuman groans. (Supposedly) Rotted, grimy fingers would grip the edges, words unintelligible as they dragged themselves out towards them. 

It was almost realistic. 

Itachi appraised their attire and make-up- their work was meticulous, but still enough for one to see it wasn’t real. The poor lighting served as an advantage for them.

As for the pit…

They had been lowered into it on chairs. The journey was slow-going and the cold bone-chilling. By the time the soles of their shoes met the damp ground, what sounded like cockroaches scurrying about met their ears.

Hm. Sound recordings.

Ah, and did he mention that on occasion, ankles would be grabbed through the floorboards?

It was only after they went into another room that he asked, ”How do you find it, Ino?”




"No, its quite alright, Itachi. I was simply getting in the mood of the festival." he replied, placing a hand softly on the shoulder of his Uchiha counterpart as they looked out upon the children playing with some sticks.

"Seems like everyone is enjoying themselves thus far. Although I must admit, you look rather exhausted."

—Itachi tensed momentarily— and relaxed. It was alright. The First already knew.

"Aa," he said, gaze settling too on the children. Delighted laughter could be heard. "It has been a bit of a trying day- but it is picking up."

"There are many cheery highlights to take to today. This has to be one of the more pleasant celebrations the Headmaster has held thus far."

[takes a picture of him drinking his tea]



[As though by reflex, he near offers a rather blunt response—- when he realizes that it’s just Karin.]

[The girl who had saved his life.]

… Karin?


Is there something I can do for you?



She wished that his answer was different, it would have been better if he didn’t have that illness anymore, the redhead didn’t want to see him suffer anymore, he had been through so much. “I’m glad that I helped, though I wished I could take your illness away. If there’s I can do for you, please tell me.” 



"Y-YES, I AM!! Why are you assuming that there’s something wrong with me?!" Why did Uchiha Itachi have the face that was carved by a million angles, sometimes it was difficult to just stare at him for a long time. 

"… It’s nothing," he relented.

"Think nothing of it, Karin. Perhaps I was just thinking a bit too much. Thank you for all that you’ve done for me, hm? I appreciate it- and will certainly make you aware if there is anything else.

"But before that… Would you like some dango? I was just about to make an order for it."

Ino would definitely might frown at this, but it was not as though she knew Karin had assisted him in the past. Itachi owed the redhead a great deal.

'Ohhh so adorable, I hope I can see her sometime then! Oh yes, I think I would do the same once I graduate, though people here have the custom of throwing you eggs too not to mention various types of spices, herbs and sauces so you end up all smelly.' *Cuts a slice of cake and hands over to Itachi.*

"… They do?"


"Is that perfectly acceptable? … Ah, thank you, Carla-san."

After placing the slice on a plate, and doing the same for her own, Itachi proceeded to pour the prepared tea into two mugs, one for each. These plates and mugs set on a tray, Itachi then gestured her to follow suit into the living room. 

Soon enough, the tray gently met the glass surface of the coffee table.

"Please, take a seat."

Not really. But she thinks because shes 18 she can do whatever she wants now.

"I see…"


After propping a pillow at the end of the couch, he moved away from it. He did not think it was his place to make further commentary on the matter, save for—

"—So long as she is careful." Truly. "The couch is ready, Kayla-san. I’ll prepare tea in a moment."

"Hm, no, I didn't. It was only little Naoki-chan all alone in your home~" (◕﹏◕✿) "I visited twice, so it's a little odd~" (◕︿◕✿)


A small, reassuring wave.


"I assure you he was well-cared for, hm? He was fed and looked after every day.

But that aside… Would you like to come in? It must be tiring standing outside. I can prepare a drink or two for you, if you’d like.”

She did travel all the way here to deliver gifts to him, after all.

Do you know that Karin is in love with Sasuke

"Is she?"



"I don’t believe that the topic has cropped up, but I can’t say I’m opposed to the notion. The fact that she cares for him greatly is quite evident, however.

"I wish the both of them happiness."

Be it in each other or in others.

Itachi on a roller coaster



The cart immediately plummeted downwards on the rail with a stream of screams- some terrified, whilst others, like Ino, absolutely thrilled.


"Waaaaaaaahhhh!" She laughed in delight, waving her arms with the rest of the daredevils, eyes streaming and hair most likely blinding the unfortunate people sat behind her. She flashed Itachi a 100-watt grin, glad to find he wasn’t scared.

He looked quite calm, like he could’ve done the Sunday crossword actually.

At least Ino had enjoyed the ride, whooping with delight as they got off.

She laughed and shook her head.

"That- that was amazing!

Let’s go again!”


Sighing, now that he and the rest of the passengers were out of the carts, he reached to touch his hair, where he confirmed that yes, he had really lost his hair tie.

"—Very well."

"But we’re stopping by one of the stores later. I seem to have lost my hair tie."

"Oblivion" had not been especially kind to it. 

Hand lowering to his side, he carefully grasped the florist’s, before moving to return to the queue yet again.

He was thankful that this was not an every day occasion.

He could have explained the entire situation that followed his absence from the academy, but knowing his brother’s disapproval with handing information out to those they did not trust, he chose a simpler response. “I was on a treasure hunt!”


"I see…"

Offering the First a small, polite smile, he said,


"Well, I’m glad to see you are well, Shodaime-sama. Is there something I can do for you? I have a few more of those in my possession if you’d like them."