Yes. All we have is soda and all the caffeine makes me nauseous. I can get the water Itachi-San.

"… Ah, very well, then."


What was he supposed to do?

Favourite flavour?



Ino hid her grin when Itachi made that face as he held the baby in his arms. Whilst his attention was focused on Keisuke, Ino may as well be in the background, like that tree over there. She didn’t mind- it was better than him talking to some beautiful woman with long hair and generous curves.

"That’s good. My day was fine, we just learned about the history of neuroscience and added on to it. It’s weird, the lecturer just stands and reads off the wall. I mean… it’s good to have many free hours, but I wonder how useful it is to learn these things."

She missed Asuma’s teaching style. He had been pretty laid back, but ensured they completed missions and their core knowledge for a ninja at that level.

Finally, they reached the little shop she was talking about, the window displays showed lots of swirls of ice-creams.

"Wait here, ok?" Ino flashed him a grin and headed inside.

She stepped out a few moments later, holding a cardboard box with two little tubs. One was a raspberry and the other was a lemon sorbet.

"Here you go. Enjoy!"


Since Keisuke was reaching over to them, Ino also offered him a weeny piece, watching him squeeze his eyes shut at the cold.

Well, she had not specified what it was exactly that she had learned during the history of neuroscience, but if it had to do with the contributions made by specific individuals in the field, then it was important to remember each and every single one of them.

Lest they and what they had done fade away with time.

At least, that was what he told her- just before they reached their destination.

That was what she believed in too, wasn’t it?

"Ah, thank you…"


He chuckled at Keisuke’s reaction.

"A bit too cold for you, hn? Don’t worry, the feeling will fade away." Itachi brushed the pad of his thumb across the infant’s chubby cheek, allowing Keisuke to rest his head against the elder’s neck. Lifting his head to smile at Ino, he suggested, "Shall we find a place to sit?

The park is lovely in Spring.”

More than. With the cherry blossoms in bloom, there would be an abundance of gentle pinks blanketing the area. Hardly a sight anyone would want to miss.


Jay Bell, Something Like Summer


Jay Bell, Something Like Summer



The Shirosaki male wasn’t certain how long he had been standing with his back to the other. It felt like a eternity due to the long silence that was surrounding him. But it was finally broken by Itachi. However, not how Hichigo expected it to be broken.

"If that is what you want."

He remain quiet, not wanting to say anything but he knew he should. He knew he didn’t want this. This abandonment. This fight. But his stubbornness kept his mouth shut and his body from turning. Although, the sound of the door clicking finally made him turn. His frown and anger vanished into thin air. Only a unreadable expression was upon the pasty teen’s face.

His eyes staring at the door, wondering if the other would walk through. Or that he should open the door and yell down the hallway to the Uchiha. Telling him ‘to get his sorry ass back here cause they weren’t done’.

But neither came.

In turn causing the hollow to glare at the door. His anger returned but not as fierce as when Itachi was in the room. It was much more calmer.


"Some fucking— This is bullshit!" The hollow hissed between gritted teeth and storm off to his room.

Breathing in deeply, Itachi allowed his head to drop for a second, two, before tilting it back up.

He was outside now.

With the very last dredges of Winter melting away to give welcome to the onset of Spring, his surroundings was a calm one- a steep contrast to the anger that laid within the house. The air was crisp, the blooms once covered by powder white were springing up shyly, the sky was clear. It was indeed tranquil. Welcoming, even.


He glanced back at the door.

How ironic it was to think that despite the amount of conflict he experienced each time he was in Hichigo’s company, there had actually been a bond of sorts beneath it all. He supposed that even if the Hollow constantly mocked him, he had not actually done anything to him. Aside from that fiasco where Hichigo pretended to be him.

He sighed, and pondered. Gaze lingering on the cool metal handle of the door.

Hesitantly, he reached for it.

Only to withdraw his hand when he heard the retreating steps.

Perhaps next time.

We are just waiting on the counter tops and the appliances then we are set.

"Not much longer, then."


"… Would you like a cup of water to go with that? You must be thirsty."




Puppets, these modern Shinobi. No calloused hands or blackened hearts. It was all baby-smooth and open-armed. The Akatsuki supposedly consisted of the few who might represent some of the older beliefs. At least those not out for money or art.

"So generous of you." Widening his arms, he beckoned for an embrace. "Why so cold, cousin? We are family, and of the two of us only one has spilled our kin’s blood. It is I who should be wary."


Was the jest in poor taste? That depended on the mindset during the massacre. “You have good eyes, but they are a temporary boon. I think you know how to solidify that strength, but you have yet to take the final step. You wasted lives and eyes that night. I see only two now who might be of any benefit to you now. Do you lack the stomach for it?”

Itachi watched Madara carefully. 

There was something about seeing one carved into stone— no, history, being brought back to life. Speaking, talking, walking, breathing. Which… brought the question… -Itachi recalled the so-called Madara in the Akatsuki- … Hn. He had expected that much.

Not a single bone in his body trusted either one of those men.

Which explained his lack of initiative to accept the invitation for an embrace. 

"You want one of us to gain the Eternal Mangekyo-"


"-But for what reason?"

Even more so at such a proposal. As if Itachi would gouge Sasuke or Shisui’s eyes for his own purposes.

If anyone was going to gain the much coveted form of the Sharingan, it would be Sasuke. Should there ever arise a situation where such would occur, his eyes would be for his brother.

Favourite flavour?



"He’s not a problem, but if you don’t mind?" She added hopefully, passing the infant over to Itachi. Since he was carrying the baby, the ice-cream would be her treat.


"How was your day?"

Upon receiving the child, Itachi touched the tip of his nose with his own.

"Hello, there…"

It had been a few weeks since he last saw Keisuke.

"But ah… My day was fine. The usual lectures, and providing the students with a list of reading material. None of the classes are due to start their assignments just yet, so I’ve not done any hard marking. How was yours?"

"Maybe next time, Sasuke
"Well… near campus, there’s ice-an cream parlour we could try! And Keisuke-Kun was getting bored at home."

"Very well."

"Do you need help with carrying him?"