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[All the same, he places a shady sun hat on her head. It is very hot out.]

yummygreentea: "[Dons a shirt that reads "I <3 Itachi" and hangs a similar banner.] "Go, go, Ita-chan! If he can't do it no one can~~! Goooo Ita~ Chan~!" (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧"

"…" A somewhat fixed smile.


He had hoped that she had only said that in jest.

"… Thank you, Cynthia-san. You are very kind."

a short welcome visit || kuchiki byakuya

[A pause, as he checks the package once more- before reaching to ring the doorbell.]
“Yes?” Clad in pale lilac kimono with an unornamented, yet high-priced whitehaori draping over the traditional set of clothing, Byakuya reached the metallic handle of his front door to welcome the unknown visitor. Once the doorway was opened, the figure of the raven-haired lecturer, carrying a package in his hands, became visible to his charcoal eyes. Still, he only recognized him as a fellow educator; a proper introduction between the two has yet to be made. “What do you need?”   

It didn’t take long at all for the door to be answered.

—When it was, he was greeted by the sight of a tall, dark-haired male who carried a somewhat… austere air around his person. Another Shinigami, perhaps?

Hopefully not a Wandenweich.

"Ah… Good morning."


"I’m sorry if I disturbed you, but my name is Uchiha Itachi. My fiancée and I noticed that we have a new neighbour, and we’d like to welcome you by giving you a small house-warming gift."

How to please the parents of a prodigy



Hm. He was still not giving anything away. He didn’t tell her how they reacted when he said that, but she was too busy trying to think of which outfit would look best. A lot of her clothes were ruined because of Bazz’s attack and so, there were very few options to choose from.

"Yeah," she agreed, but decided to concentrate her energies on designing a flower arrangement for his parents.

"I’m sure, everything will go really well! I’m very popular with adults, Itachi-San~"

Good manners, charming, a graceful shinobi…

What could possibly go wrong?

A lot, apparently. Her personality type was one that could easily aggravate his father.


Who really knew now? A lot had happened in the past. Uchiha Fugaku might just be more open to change.

Although he could still foresee being on the receiving end of a lecture or two from either one or both parents before the wedding took place.

"Let’s just go over the things they like… I’ll tell you how they’re like as people."

For starters, Uchiha Mikoto was kind and gentle- but when needed to be, a strict disciplinarian. His father, Fugaku, was a stern, serious individual with high sense of responsibility instilled in him. The list went on…


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How to please the parents of a prodigy



Well, that was nice. Ino’s smile became smug. They wanted to meet her. Of course, she must be quite a rare girl indeed to have captured Itachi’s heart (read as: persistent).

"I want to meet them too!" After all, it was only after she met his parents that plans for the wedding could be… set in motion.

Ino’s face lit up. “Ooh, what should I wear?”


"Do you think a kimono is overdoing it? But if I turn up in a miniskirt, their sharingan will be spinning! Oooh… what did you tell them about me? Should I take a gift? What about a flower arrangement? I hope you said nice things about me. Tell them I was tipped for a future Hokage but declined on passionate grounds."

Now, this was better.

"Only that we’re engaged."

"I think they’d like to see you for themselves. We can pick out an outfit for you to wear later. It’ll have to depend on where we’re going to meet, but yes, they’d appreciate the flowers. Okaasan, especially."

It was just a matter of when and where they ought to meet… His father was especially difficult to contact these days. He was always very busy.

Itachi hardly ever saw him.

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"He’s not a meal fit for any living creature."

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