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[Runs over to wrap arms around his waist] "Party next Saturday. You can invite whoever you want~!"

[Pats her back fondly.]


"Duly noted. How can I assist you with the party?"

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He did indeed know Itachi better than that. Girls were not among the topics either brother were keen in having with each other- Sasuke doing anything he could to avoid mentioning the elder’s betrothed while he assumed Itachi extended him the same courtesy. Of all the girls he could have asked about… why her?  

"I simply promised her I’d ask what you think of the meal she last prepared for you. Was it to your liking?"

Sasuke resisted the urge to roll his eyes. The tasks Itachi agreed to carry out… the younger raven sometimes worried that the wrong people would serve to take advantage of the elder’s gentle nature.


“It was… fine. Nowhere near anything Kaasan could make but.. fine.”  

Swallowing another biteful from the tray, the former avenger stared at the residue on the tips of his fingers almost thoughtfully before speaking what was on his mind. “I’m aware that she… has strong feelings where I’m concerned. But I feel it has more to do with the fact that we would have been… or rather had been teammates striving after the same goal. Who else would she have to hang on to, Niisan?

As Sasuke spoke, Itachi listened.

"Perhaps," he eventually said thoughtfully.

There really wasn’t much he could impart on the matter. He was not privy to Sasuke and Uzumaki Karin’s history together. All he knew was that Karin cared for him deeply- as was proven countless of times when she had chosen to directly confront Itachi in the past. There was a sincerity in her eyes that could not have been falsified. 

Calmly, Itachi lifted his cup of tea from the table and lightly blew on the liquid.


"Or perhaps she sees what I see. An outstanding young man, hm? Either way… Don’t let it bother you too much. It’s still early."

Very early. Let Sasuke progress at his own pace; the boy was still delicate. He did not want anything to pressure his little brother.

But knowing Sasuke, this wasn’t likely to be a problem.

"Moving on to another topic, however…" he said, when what he decided was the appropriate amount of time had lapsed. "There is a question I’d like to ask you."


Haruki Murakami, Kafka on the Shore


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Ino handed him his tea and took out an extra plate for their treats. She was still a bit concerned about his weariness, but did not think it odd. A person who had to lecture all day and mark papers must get tired. He barely had time to shop for himself. She smiled and placed her hands over his shoulders, pressing her fingers into the skin.

"I got it from Miyamoto Kitchen. Now, tell me why you are lacking energy? I think you need more meat in your diet," she told him sternly.

Honestly. He was a very pitiful meat eater. She almost wished he learned from Chouji.


"From tomorrow, you will forget those cabbages and eat meat for at least one meal a day."

Almost immediately, the relaxation that had sunk into him when she began massaging his shoulders evaporated, the elder Uchiha giving into pause.

Now, while Itachi did not bar himself completely from eating meat, that did not mean he held any fondness for it. It was not exactly his most preferred meal.

But if he had to have it, then he would finish what he had on his plate. It wouldn’t do to waste.

He looked up at her.

"Must I?"



Did Itachi not like it? She put the bag of wagashi aside and glanced into his concerned, dark eyes.

What had happened to make him look at her like that? He looked uncomfortable.

"… I’m fine, is everything alright with you?" She furrowed a brow and decided to put the kettle on. Whatever he was anxious about, he could speak to her about it over a cup of tea.

I bet it’s Sasuke-Kun again. Aiish. That brat!


Itachi hesitated for a moment.

—Then he smiled.

"Yes, yes. I’m just a bit tired, is all. I had an especially long day. Thank you for the treat, dear. It looks lovely."

Perhaps this was just her way of celebrating her birthday? It did not seem all that far-fetched. While others would have been content with splurging on themselves for a single day, Ino wouldn’t mind doing it for a month.

It was still… her money.

However worrisome this was.

"Where did you get it?"



Ino suspected that the Uchiha didn’t actually know she was joking. What an innocent boy.

She rolled her eyes but let him keep his pride… until the next time she teased him.

Slipping her hand into his, she tilted her head in the direction of their bedroom.


"Want me to tell you a story? My cousin was on a mission with a tea merchant once, it is an eventful tale~"

Of course he did. She lived with him.

So she knew perfectly well that all he had in his pockets was his wallet- and the most precious items it held were photographs of his family.

That was all.

"I’m certain it is. But why don’t we wait till we’re all tucked in and comfortable, hm?"

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Ino laughed, raising her own glass to meet with his and nodded. “To us~”

She smiled widely at him, eyes shining and heart racing. He was as lovely as the first time she met him. This love never really became something worn out, did it? That was the thing when your feelings were sincere.

She offered him food from her plate to try out and casually wondered why he was so thoughtful today. Perhaps it was the effect of being in yet another school full of magic.



"You know… I think Iwakiri has magic in it too… do you remember the first Christmas party? Those fairies?" She recalled, casually pausing in her food to tell him about the party and how she and this one girl had been in competition to dance with as many people as possible.

"I think I felt that Iwakiri’s magic was drawing me to you…"

"Did you really?"

"I do remember it somewhat…" he mused. "So much has happened since then. I think I called you beautiful during that event… yes? The very first occasion of its sort the institution ever held."

He had never said it aloud, but he suspected, no, knew, that it was all these little things he had said that kept her interested. —One of the sole reasons, in any case. Itachi never did like dwelling too long on the matter. What had passed was past. Best to lay it to rest.

Either way, he was content as he was now. Happy. He had realized that what he held for her was true, and despite his hesitancy every now and then to progress further, he could not see himself desiring anything else. Plainly put, he would very much like spending the rest of his life by her side. 

"Slightly off topic, but I do have a matter to discuss with you. But first, let’s open your real anniversary gift, ah?"

That said, he slid a carefully gift-wrapped box towards her. To two years spent together.



"Aiishh, could you get any cuter?” Ino grinned, eyes twinkling with laughter. How could Itachi think she was being serious?


"I know where you keep your favourite things~"

"I know," he said loftily.

"I just like to clarify. Now will you come to bed?"