shintenshin said"Is this a bad time?"



"But I do have work in a few minutes."

Which was why he had pulled on a nice button down shirt in the first place.



"That’s nothing to be proud of!” Ino scolded him, frowning but not as angry with him as she was with herself.

She had failed to make him laugh.


This had to be rectified at once.

"It isn’t," he said plainly. "It’s fact."

For now, at least. He could remember laughing openly in the past— but the memories were vague.

Very vague.

"Ino, it’s not your fault."

Her best technique was foiled! Itachi could be such a party pooper. “Aiish. You don’t laugh very much.”

He gave her arm a small pat.

"I don’t."

Fact was, he could not quite remember the last time he actually laughed aloud- or if he had, really.


shintenshin: "[Slides hand up shirt.]"



"Now, dear?"



*big smile* thanks Itachi-San. Now Ino has to make sure you’re pretty. But not prettier than her because that’s impossible.

[mildly amused.]

[he acknowledges her words of appreciation all the same-]


[and reaches to brush a stray strand of hair from Ino’s cheek.]

Impossible indeed.

[Laughs, unbelievably pleased with herself for something she had no part in. But hey, she’ll take a cute compliment from her equally cute boyfriend, yes please.]


Itachi-San… you’re lovely.

[he makes no (verbal) answer to that.]

[instead, he simply caresses her cheek, before returning his hand to his side. they had company; he shouldn’t do much more than that.]

shintenshin: "[Smile becomes evil as she reaches forwards and tickles him mercilessly.]"

… [apparently isn’t a very ticklish person.]

[at the very most, she managed to elicit a chuckle from him. he brushed her hands from his sides, stilling them.]


Did I do something wrong?

shintenshin: "[Smiles at] Hello, Itachi-San."


"Hello, dear. How are you?"



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Shops for groceries: Both, but usually Ino. While Itachi is responsible, ever the mother hen, she’d want to make sure he gets all he needs to get through the day. 

Kills the spiders: Ino. Itachi would be the type to resort to trapping the spiders and then setting them free. Ino is more likely to freak and lash out. 

Comes home drunk at 3am: Neither are the type to drink excessively (if at all, in Itachi’s case), but I suppose if it comes right down to it… Ino. She might, on very rare occasions, get drunk.

Makes breakfast: Both. They seem to take turns, and both are perfectly okay with this arrangement.

Remembers to feed the fish: Both. Itachi might forget to feed them on time if he has a lot on his mind, but he would. Just expect a slight delay. He wouldn’t neglect his pets.

Decorates the apartment: Ino, most definitely. She knows he would be fine with a house that is modest and tidy- and that wouldn’t do. She’d want him to have a warm, beautiful home to return to every day, and she’d work with great enthusiasm to make sure of this. She feels that Itachi deserves a home that is just as beautiful and lovely as he is.

Falls asleep first: Itachi. He needs all the rest he can get, and Ino normally wouldn’t sleep until she’s sure he can.

Said “I love you” first: Ino. Ever so busy with work, Itachi didn’t expect this confession. 

Gets the feels: Ino. She is a great deal more expressive than he is, and her adoration for romance certainly doesn’t help.

Likes to cuddle: Both, but Ino is usually the one to initiate this during the beginning of their relationship. This becomes more equal as Itachi warms up to her.

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